This is the series of How to build / install / create an Elrond Node, either on Mainnet, Testnet or Devnet.
Part 03 – Installing the MobaXterm & PuttyGen software | Preparing for the creation of the SSH Keys



1. download MobaXterm from here:… (Google — mobaxterm download)
i. download the free version — the portable edition
ii. extract the zip file on the desktop — open/run the MobaXterm_Personal_21.3.exe file
iii. create a folder on your desktop called “SSH-KEYS
iv. go to SettingsConfigurationGeneral
1. Change the Persistent home directory to the SSH-KEYS folder you just created —
2. Change the Persistent root (/) directory to the SSH-KEYS folder you just created —
3. go to the SSH tab — under SSH agentscheck the Use internal SSH agent “MobAgent” checkbox —
4. click OK

2. download PuttyGen from here: (Google — puttygen download)
i. install the program
ii. when you have to run it at the end of this section somewhere go to Start — type “puttygen” and click the file to open it