Building on the most robust, scalable and fast blockchain to date


Projects & dApps

Software Solutions

We’re constantly searching to find the needs and issues in the community and come up with innovative solutions. Building on MultiversX blockchain, the most performant blockchain to date, would be by far the best option anyone could choose.

The Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake of MultiversX blockchain ensure extreme performance, scalability, very low transaction cost and security for your software solutions.

MultiversX blockchain will be part of the core of the new web and choosing to have your dApps built on this platform means stability, security and performance in a long-run.


Skin in the game

MultiversX Validators

We’re going wholeheartedly toward the future not only building solutions on MultiversX blockchain but also being an important part of it and investing into it.

Our servers are spread out all over the globe and we do not compromise on quality, we want to make sure the stability of the entire network is achieved for everybody.

Lastly, let’s be real, the financial reward of being a part of MultiversX blockchain is absolutely desirable, we call it as it is.

A blockchain that
elevates your business

A blockchain that elevates your business

MultiversX is an easy to integrate blockchain with unprecedented scalability, high speed and low transaction cost.


Uncompromising Performance

Quality Hardware

When it comes to the quality of the network, compromising is absolutely not an option.

The integrity and speed of the network depend on the nodes in the blockchain and most of the nodes’ state of health is pure hardware components.

Another thing that makes MultiversX blockchain extremely robust is the fact that if any node compromises on the hardware or network quality, the rating of that node drops considerably, slowly eliminating it from the blockchain.


Earning passive income

Staking your EGLD

Staking is a mechanism of validating transactions on the blockchain and when some user (delegator) is staking EGLD for a period of time with Smart Chain Connection (validator), the user receives rewards in EGLD.

This is a perfect way of investing your capital buying and staking EGLD with Smart Chain Connection in the MultiversX blockchain bringing you monthly rewards which is way better than most of the investments you can do anywhere else.