The combination between biometrics and cryptography is revolutionizing authentication mechanisms everywhere. The convenience of fingerprint or facial recognition, and the high security provided by inherence factors and cryptographic keys, have simplified and at the same time secured the log-in process into any kind of domain.

We are therefore excited to announce that you will be able to use your phone and Maiar to log into any application from the Elrond ecosystem!

The new authentication method requires you to scan a QR code with your phone, and then you’re instantly signed in. If you’re on a mobile device, you don’t need to scan the QR code, it will simply be open from the Maiar app via deep linking.

Any smartphone on the planet can now be upgraded to a biometrically secure hardware wallet and 2FA device, and used for contactless authentication, without the need for additional devices.

The Maiar login method is implemented through the WalletConnect security protocol and is already available on the Elrond Web Wallet and Maiar Exchange.

To login with Maiar, open the app > go to ⚙ Settings > tap WalletConnect > the camera will be ready to scan. Point it to a QR code on a compatible platform, click Approve and you’re in.

Once logged in, your Maiar app will be your 2FA device for approving any transactions you initiate in the web interface. You will be prompted to check your device and Sign Transaction.

How to use Maiar as a 2FA device

You can choose to log out from any app by clicking “Disconnect” in Maiar.

Any Maiar user now has fast access to rich functionalities of web applications, which often extend beyond what the narrow phone screen can accommodate, and are updated with a simple page refresh instead of an app upgrade.

Through this significant achievement, the utility of the Maiar app unlocks the next level of convenience and security, allowing anyone anywhere to manage value, identity, and access at internet-scale speeds.

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