Everything we have in the world is because someone has built it. Homes. Computers. Space labs. Rockets. And now DeFi, Web3, the Metaverse. Humanity moves forward thanks to builders. Builders are heroes.

At Elrond perhaps even more so than elsewhere. This is why we are excited to introduce Elrond Builders, the ecosystem platform bringing projects, builders and communities together.

It was designed and built by Smart Chain Connection, our staking partner that went the extra mile to create a virtual space fitted with all the tools needed for development, discovery and growth.

“We felt inspired by the Elrond ethos of empowering others to grow and become builders themselves. There is an impressive number of people who want to contribute to the Elrond story and we think our platform can help all of them do so, whether they are developers, entrepreneurs or Web3 enthusiasts.” said Daniel Cauneac, Smart Chain Connection Founder & CEO.

Even in its early stages, the platform already lists a significant number of projects, tools, access to news and, perhaps most importantly, the possibility to register with Maiar and to become a contributor.

“Builders are heroes. The great thing about Elrond is that anybody can become one. We are really impressed with the efforts of the Smart Chain Connection team, who put up such a valuable platform, for anyone to use. This is how we grow.“ said Lucian Mincu, Elrond Network CIO.

Become a hero today! Join Elrond Builders and discover the people, projects and tools that are building the next generation of the internet.

About Elrond Builders

Elrond Builders is on a mission to build on Elrond’s vision and help as many people as possible be part of the Elrond Ecosystem. The platform gives everyone the opportunity to showcase their work on the Elrond Network, to discover what others are doing, and explore ways in which to become contributors themselves.

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Written by

Lucian Mincu

CIO, Elrond Network